Primum incipit, ubi dicitur: An important source for Glossa Tripartita is the commentary on the Song of Songs by a certain Cantuariensis; for gaining an insight into the genesis of Glossa Tripartita this text may even be labelled by far the most important. It is practically certain that these were inserted between the present quires IX and XII, which originally adjoined. Glossa super Canticum Canticorum; Iohannes Russel: The version in MS Assisi does not have this citation. It is clear then that the author of Glossa Tripartita here uses the designation Cantuariensis for its author, as does MS Innsbruck:

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Si c’est le cas, suivez les instructions pour activer les services de localisation pour Safari. As we have seen, the structure of the Cantuariensis text is based on the dramata, which, in their turn, are linked to the psalterium decacordum of the theme of the first prologue. Only the ‘require retro’ references 8 have to do with the textual organization of the manuscript. Kneepkens, University of Groningen ; Prof. Si vous rencontrez toujours des problèmes, consultez l’assistance de Safari. Some of the borrowings from the Cantuariensis text are very extensive, like the passage in MS Munich f.

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A few remarkable authorities have found their way into Glossa Tripartita by way of the Cantuariensis text, not or hardly occurring elsewhere in Glossa Tripartita. The text of the Song of Songs is approached pragmatically: The manuscript’s origin is the Carthusian monastery of NieuwMcht, near Utrecht, and probably dates from mid-fifteenth century.


First of all, quires 8iea and II.

The fact that the indexer was able to indicate the places in the text where these passages ought to be inserted, implies that he had a codex at his disposal in which they had been incorporated in the text.

They are found on the first and last leaf bottom centre of each quire except for f. In sexto capitulo nullum inchoatur, sed capitulo séptimo incipit decimum drama et ultimum, et terminatur capitulo octauo, ubi dicitur: In tercio capitulo incipit unicum drama, ibi: Tijdschrift voor Boek- en Bibliotheek- wezen,8,p.

Cliquez sur le bouton Effacer les sites. This part of the postscript was added to the borrowing from Russel’s explicit. At the bottom of the bar red penwork: The authorities mentioned in this continuous passage are: Rafraîchissez la page Yelp et réessayez votre recherche à nouveau.

Pecham and Russel have siquidem and purgandum ; Cantuariensis lacks siquidem and has irrigandum instead of purgandum.

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The human soul seeks to be united with God. The manuscript tradition of Glossa Tripartita super Cantica.

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Indeed, I have added this boundary in retrospect, after completing my research. Marginal penwork in the same colours. They are in dark ink, often underlined in 7lra. Redactional procedures by one of the scribes It is a striking feature of the manuscript that a number of characteristic marginalia and layout redactions only occur in the first eight quires.

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Boards decorated with line pattern. In the lowest hierarchy we find angelí, archangeli and princi- patus, in the middle hierarchy potestates, uirtutes 8ora dominationes, and in the highest hierarchy throni, cherubim and seraphim. Each numeral occurs several times, and is.


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However, this observation does not lessen the need for an explanation of the peculiar nature of quire XII. Dictionnaire historique des marques du papier dès leur apparition vers jusqu’enLeipzig, Glossa super Canticum Canticorum [link] 2. The incipit and explicit of the Russel commentary read as follows: Yet, because the Song of Songs sometimes also presents the sodales and adolescentulae as speaking, besides the sponsus and sponsa, the exegesis may occasionally 7ir a bearing upon members of the church still striving for perfection, in particular prelates and individual believers.

From the mass of figures several clear conclusions will then be drawn. The manuscript tradition of Glossa Tripartita super Cantica [link] 8irw. Nous ne reconnaissons pas le navigateur web que vous utilisez.

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Therefore, description of these manuscripts will be restricted to a mini- 1. The interpretation often focuses on emphasizing the importance of sermons, and that is also why much attention is paid to prelati and the moral qualities they should have.

On each face i.